Corporate Wellness


The “I AM” Integrating Art & Mindfulness Online Course is a Government approved CPD course. It aims to offer practical tools and techniques to promote resilience and wellbeing through meditative, mindfulness and creative means.

The participant will learn how to self-soothe, explore the importance of self-care and improve communication skills through NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and will receive a certification of participation upon completion of the course.

  • Face to face courses:
    90 mins per session
    “I AM” Stress Reduction 4 week course
  • Online course:
    20 hours
    “I AM” CPD approved online course – certified learning
  • Learning lunches :
    Lunchtime session
    Information talks on avoiding burn out & positive impact of self-regulation
  • Therapeutic Support:
    As requested
    Individual sessions available onsite or at Nikki Roberts’ private clinic
  • Team Building:
    As requested
    Retreats & workshops (can be integrated in to Conferences/Syndicate Meetings)

What we offer

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  • Up to 10 employees booked on to course

    €180 per individual

  • Up to 50 employees booked on to course

    €100 per individual 

  • Up to 100 employees booked on to course

     €90 per individual

  • Over 100 employees booked on to course

    €70 per individual

The “I AM” Integrating Art & Mindfulness programme is designed to explore:

  • Positive mental wellbeing
  • The 7 Principals to adopting & integrating positive mental health
  • Empowering individuals to make small but significant changes which can be easily integrated in to their everyday personal and work-life.

Participants will use creative means to explore:

  • Personal attitudes to acute & chronic stress
  • Coping strategies to minimise the impact of stress on an individual
  • The physiological components of the brain – Parasympathetic & Sympathetic NS
  • Fight, flight, faint & freeze responses
  • Awareness of behavioural, emotional & cognitive changes which occur during stressful events and situations
Mental health is now recognized as a significant contributory factor in long term absenteeism. The aim of the “I AM” programme is to provide the individual with the tools to recognize the importance of awareness of their own mental health and how to self-regulate.
Nikki Roberts facilitates CPD approved “I AM” face to face course to promote mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resilience. Having worked as a National Sales Manager within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in both the UK & Ireland, Nikki understands first-hand the need for personal wellness and self-care. This awareness, underpinned with an ethos and authentic care in the workplace, benefits employers and employees alike. These principal values are the essence of the “I AM” programme, offering a range of bespoke courses and sessions, which are designed to help meet the needs of both the employer and employee. The course aims to:
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Reduce Staff Turnover
  • Reduce ‘Burn-out’ Effect
  • Reduce Depression
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Increase Creativity
  • Increase Positive Outlook
  • Increase Communication Skills
  • Increase Work/Life Balance